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Is A Move to Charles County, MD Right For You?

Are you considering a move to a great area? Look no further! This community has a population of about 400,000 people. It’s a great place to raise children and a wonderful place to live. The city of La Plata is a huge part of Charles County which some people say is the best thing about living here, as it has everything you could ever need from shops and sports centres to restaurants, everything except for its own hospital that is. The city of La Plata is about 20 minutes away from the nearest hospital which includes St. Mary’s Hospital and Southern Maryland Hospital.

What Are Schools Like in Charles County?

There are many great educational centers to attend in the area. One of which is the Tuscarora High School which is located in the city of La Plata. It has a student body of more than 1,500 and offers both AP level courses and vocational training. The Tuscarora High School gets an A rating from both Great Schools and U.S News and World Report .


Achievement is encouraged here with extra-curricular activities being offered as well as a world languages program for those who want to study languages other than English. The school also has a STEM program that encourages children to pursue science, technology, engineering, and math as their majors as they get older. Each year this high school organizes several trips abroad to teach students about different cultures and countries.


A second great local school is the La Plata High School which is located in the city of La Plata. It has a student body of more than 350 and has a student to teacher ratio of 15:1 which is lower than the national average. It also offers world languages courses in Spanish, French and Latin. The other extra-curricular activities on offer include sports such as soccer, dance, cheerleading and track. Every year this high school organizes various trips abroad to give students a taste of different cultures and countries.


What is the Job Market Like in Charles County?

The job market here, like in many other parts of the country, has been slow. It’s important to remember that not every company will hire someone with only a high school diploma and it’s not uncommon for employers to want or even require college degrees. While there are plenty of service jobs available without higher education, there are also opportunities in the computer industry, healthcare industry and government jobs.


Will I Be Bored?- Things to Do in Charles County

There are many things to do in the area. While the city of La Plata has it all, there are also opportunities for outdoor activities. There are plenty of parks for people who like to hike, canoe or swim. The Little Patuxent River is a great place for all types of water sports and fishing. This river is home to some of the largest smallmouth bass on the east coast which makes it popular among avid fishers.


To Move or Not to Move

There are many benefits to living in Charles County. The city of La Plata has it all, but if you’re looking for outdoor activities there’s a lot nearby too! Whether you want to go fishing or hiking, there is something here for everyone and we hope that this post will help when deciding whether moving to charles county MD would be the right decision for your family.

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