Frequently Asked Questions

Dent Removal


Are dent repairs worth it?

It is absolutely worth it to get paintless dent removal done to your vehicle, even for minor dents and dings. These can lower the market value of your car and its overall aesthetic appeal. PDR actually removes the dent from the body of your car, restoring it to like-new condition and preserving your vehicle’s resale value.

Can I do paintless dent repair myself?

You could do this yourself and purchase a dent-removal toolkit; however, we strongly recommend you get a trained professional to take care of this for you so that you get the best results. You may be disappointed with the results if you decide to do it yourself as PDR takes time and training to master. Give your vehicle quality care with your local auto body shop.

How long does paintless dent repair take?

Depending on the location and severity of the ding(s), this can take minutes to several days. On average, PDR takes about 1-2 hours when it’s done right. Give us a call to get a free estimate and an approximate turnaround time. 

How much does it cost?

The price varies from $50 to over $1,000 depending on the severity of the dent(s). To get a more accurate estimate, please call us or complete our contact form.

Does insurance cover dent repair?

If you have collision or comprehensive coverage on your policy, then your car insurance will cover PDR after you pay the deductible. 

Do glue dent pullers work?

Glue dent pullers will improve the appearance of your vehicle and are helpful for minor dents, but they are not sufficient for major damages like hailstorm dents. Click here for the best glue dent pullers.

Wheel Restoration

How do you fix wheel rash?

You can fix wheel rash yourself with sandpaper, filler, a scraper, a Scotch-Brite pad, primer, masking, and a clear topcoat! Or you can save time by hiring your local professional. Our team has years of experience repairing wheel rims.

How much does it cost to fix curbed rims?

The average cost to fix curbed rims is anywhere from $50 to $150. Call us today to get your personalized estimate free of charge.

Scratch Removal

How can I remove scratches from my car at home?

An easy way to do it yourself is by first gently cleaning the entire area with specialized car soap and a clean microfiber cloth or sponge and then rinsing it thoroughly. Then, use sandpaper and soapy water to gently sand away the scratch. After about 10-20 seconds of sanding, wipe the surface with the microfiber cloth to see if the scratch is gone. These are just the first steps to doing it yourself. If you want to save time and avoid potential damage to your car, it’s best to call your local auto body repair shop.

What is the most effective car scratch remover?

For minor scratches, it’s not always necessary to bring your vehicle into the shop. In these cases, you can grab a quality car scratch remover from your local home improvement store! Three of our favorite scratch removers are Meguiar’s ScratchX 2.0, Shine Armor Revive Car Scratch Remover, and 3M Scratch and Scuff Removal Kit.