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Best Beaches in Calvert County, MD

The best beaches in Calvert County are the ones that offer a variety of things for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a place to party, or want to find a family beach, there’s something here for you!  The water temperature and surf can vary from one beach to another as well-some beaches may be better suited for swimming than others! So when planning your next trip to the shoreline, make sure you take into account what kind of experience you want. You’ll have so many choices at these amazing locations–all it takes is some research and time spent on the sand!

Set Your Eyes on the Picturesque Bay Front Park

Chesapeake Bay is a county in Maryland that offers many great beaches with different activities. It has one of the top beaches in the USA, Bay Front Park. Bay Front has a variety of beach activities that can be enjoyed by all beachgoers! The water is calm and shallow for great family fun, and they have many chairs to enjoy the view.

The excitement at this beach doesn’t stop at the water-they’ve got a volleyball court, a basketball court, and a soccer field if you’re looking for a more active experience. This location also has some concessions that can tempt you with refreshing ice cream or tasty pizza if you need to refuel! If you’re looking for an excellent location at Chesapeake, consider checking out Bay Front Park.

Explore Solomons Island

Solomons Island is well known for its beautiful beaches along the Chesapeake Bay. Many visitors enjoy the soft white sand and clean waters, making it a great place to relax or play! You can take your pick of activities here-some enjoy leisurely walks by the water, while others choose to ride bicycles on the trails nearby. There are even small zoos and museums nearby to explore!

Calvert Cliffs State Park

This scenic park is located in Lusby, MD. It boasts a long 4 mile stretch of beach with sand and a nice dock area to tie your boat up. There is a small snack bar and gift shop which offers things such as drinks, ice cream, and roasted peanuts. This spot is excellent for fishing and crabbing because there are many ledges that create great places to drop your line. The water is usually quite calm and the environment feels like you’re out on the ocean because there is no land in sight and you can see for miles and miles.

The best ocean views in Calvert County are often determined by what you’re looking for-whether it be a family beach, a place to party, or somewhere nearby.And the ones in Calvert County have so much to offer! Whether you’re looking for an excellent location on Chesapeake Bay or something scenic near Lusby Maryland, your options are endless when considering where to head this summer.

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