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A New Scratch on Your Car, Now What?


If you ever notice a scrape on your vehicle, do not panic. There are many things that can cause marks and it is important to evaluate the situation before making any rash decisions. In this blog post we will discuss 4 steps you should take if you see scratch on your car.


#1. Take Photos of the Scratch


The first thing you want to do is take some photos. This will give your insurance company an accurate assessment of what happened and help them determine how much they are going to repair or replace your vehicle. The more photos, the better! If possible, get close-ups of all sides. This will help your insurance company determine the best course of action to take, and it will also give them a better idea of what caused it in the first place!


#2. Inspect the Damage


Next, make sure to inspect the area around the scrape. For example, is there any paint missing? Does it look like something has been dragged across your vehicle or does it appear that someone used a key to create the scratch instead of hitting another object? If you notice anything strange about where and how deep the scratches are, be sure to write it down.


Additionally, if there is any damage around the area (such as paint transfer), take photos and notes on those areas as well! The more information you provide your insurance company, the better they can determine how best to fix or replace your vehicle. This will save you money and time!


Finally, after you have taken your photos, write down the date that you took them. This will help determine how long it has been since the damage occurred as well as what could have caused it in the first place. After all of this information is gathered, contact your insurance provider to see if they can provide you with a quote.


#3. Evaluate the Damage


After you have taken your photos and inspected the area around where the damage occurred, it is time to evaluate what exactly has happened. If there are any paint transfer marks or other visible signs of impact on either side of your car (beyond just a scrape), this will help determine if someone hit you with their vehicle. If this is the case, be sure to document what evidence you find. Also, remember that if someone hit your car and caused other damage than just a scrape (such as paint transfer), they will likely need to pay for those damages.


#4. Contact Your Insurance Carrier


Contacting your insurance company is always a good idea after you have spotted a scrape on your vehicle. If the damage was caused by someone else, they will likely need to cover it if not under their own policy then at least through yours! The easiest way to do this is to speak with an adjuster from your insurance company and explain what happened. This will save a lot of time, energy, and money in the long run!


Scratch Removal Near Me


Finally, don’t panic because the technicians at Nationwide Dent Repair can get your car looking new again! It’s our aim to make this experience quick and easy for you. 

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