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Nationwide Dent Repair

Door Dings • Hail Damage • Minor Dents — Removed Instantly

Experience Matters

We don't need to read the instructions, we wrote the book.

Owner Danny Beers puts his 20+ years of PDR hands-on experience to work

We've been doing paintless dent repair for a very long time. Over twenty years ago, NDR owner and principal Danny Beers esablished himself as a magician at repairing small dings and dents in door and body panels without filler or sanding or painting using tools he often designed and fabricated himself, and often within minutes of sitting down to the task.

As dealerships and manufacturers discovered this new tecnique, Danny was invited to practice his craft at the behest of marques such as Chrysler, Porsche, VW/Audi, and Mercedes Benz whenever and wherever inventory was damaged before delivery in shipping ports or storage lots worldwide. After he established his practice in Southern Maryland, dealers within a 50 mile radius had his phone on speed dial and it rang any time they received a trade-in or auction car with parking lot scars or hail damage. And so it went for a decade or so, dealers keeping PDR and NDR as their closely-gaurded secret.

Meanwhile, all the practices and pioneering Danny and his fellow trail-blazers defined in the early days started showing up in newly hatched PDR franchises and cheap do-it-yourself tool kits. But the craft of PDF is as much art as it is practice. Danny and the technicians at NDR are well-seasoned masters of both. We educate our apprentice team members for far longer than the do-it-yourself instructional videos or franchise programmed trainers do for the retail outlets popping up seemingly everywhere.

Our specialized tools are the best of the best, and some we even still make by hand. Coupled with thousands of hours of applicable experience, NDR constantly strives to ever expand our capabilities and continue Danny's ongoing magical dent and ding disappearance road-show.


About Nationwide Dent Repair

Nationwide Dent Repair is located in the City of Waldorf, at the heart of Southern Maryland's retail automotive district. Established in 1994, Nationwide Dent Repair has grown from the singular efforts of owner Danny Beers servicing a few local dealerships to a regionally recognized expert in paint less dent repair [PDR] services. With nearly two decades of success and tens of thousands of successful dent restorations, in 2012 Nationwide Dent Repair remains the most preferred and reliable paint less dent repair specialist for dealerships, fleet operators and private owners within a 100-mile radius.