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Paintless Dent Repair

Door Dings, Hail Damage, Minor Dents — Removed Instantly

Door panel dent before paintless dent repair and restorationDoor panel after paintless dent repair and restoration

Paintless dent repair [PDR] is often revered as an art form as much as it is recognized as a highly skilled profession. The PDR technicians at Nationwide Dent Repair are true masters of their craft, virtual magicians at making your car look renewed again. They have tens of thousands of hours of collective experience servicing the cosmetic repairs of discerning owners and demanding dealers for nearly 20 years.

Waldorf, MD is located at the southern edge of the Washington, DC "heat island", a meteorological phenomena that often splits severe weather patterns in half as they pass through the region, and unleashing the greater part of their energy right over the business areas of Waldorf. As a result, Nationwide Dent Repair is regularly called to local dealerships and fleet operations bases to repair damage for dozens, even hundreds of vehicles from hail stones the size of mothballs to golf balls and even larger. In summer months, these seasonal storms can wreak havoc on the appearance and value of local properties, but the expert technicians of Nationwide Dent Repair always restore them to "as new" appearance.

Pushing Ice Cream

It sounds funny, but that's what it feels like when doing PDR on German sheet metal. Korean sheet metal feels like peanut butter. Japanese auto bodies have a taffy-esque rebound. American steel? Like warm apple pie.

Over the years, our technicians have characterized almost every different kind of body panel feel, primarily by country of origin/manufacture. But there are also subtle differences related to the time of manufacture too. That's how attuned our hands have become — able to tell ice cream from peanut butter from taffy, mettallurgically speaking.