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Door Dings • Hail Damage • Minor Dents — Removed Instantly

Paintless Dent Repair

Door Dings, Hail Damage, Minor Dents — Removed Instantly

Door panel dent before paintless dent repair and restorationDoor panel after paintless dent repair and restoration

Paintless dent repair [PDR] is often revered as an art form as much as it is recognized as a highly skilled profession. The PDR technicians at Nationwide Dent Repair are true masters of their craft, virtual magicians at making your car look renewed again. They have tens of thousands of hours of collective experience servicing the cosmetic repairs of discerning owners and demanding dealers for nearly 20 years.

Waldorf, MD is located at the southern edge of the Washington, DC "heat island", a meteorological phenomena that often splits severe weather patterns in half as they pass through the region, and unleashing the greater part of their energy right over the business areas of Waldorf. As a result, Nationwide Dent Repair is regularly called to local dealerships and fleet operations bases to repair damage for dozens, even hundreds of vehicles from hail stones the size of mothballs to golf balls and even larger. In summer months, these seasonal storms can wreak havoc on the appearance and value of local properties, but the expert technicians of Nationwide Dent Repair always restore them to "as new" appearance.

Professional Wheel Repair

Professional alloy wheel repair and restoration services

Restored and refinished OE allow wheelMany local and regional business offer wheel repair and restoration services as detailing options, but few are truly hands-on. Of the few that actually do the work themselves, most rely on mobile equipment that can frequently stretch or oblong a wheel in the process of bend removal. The stationery, in-house equipment used by Nationwide Wheel Repair wheel smiths is far more accurate and much less stressful on the integrity of the wheel during a repair and restoration. As a result, the Nationwide Wheel Repair restored and refinished wheels are straighter, rounder and safer for your vehicle and your passengers. From minor refinishing to complete bend repair, wheel truing, machine lathing, tire remounting and load balancing, the experienced wheel smiths at Nationwide Wheel Repair will have you rolling in perfect style again quickly and affordably.

Some mobile repair operations promise "balanceable trueness" — restoring a wheel to round enough to get it balanced using counter weights. Nationwide Dent Repair's wheelsmiths can restore bent or out-of-round rims to within 1/100 of an inch — truly round — not just near enough.

Wheel repair and restoration services:

  1. Curb Damage Repair
  2. Bent Wheel Repair
  3. Cracked Wheels
  4. Corrosion Repair
  5. Custom Wheel Painting
  6. Clear Coating
  7. Touchless Tire Mounting
  8. Hunter Roadforce® Wheel Balancing