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Paintless Dent Repair should also be “Painless Dent Repair”

The economy is tough, and people are looking for the cheap" fix" but it can end up costing you more to undo that cheap "fix". There are scam artist all over the country, cruising parking lots looking for dented vehicles and offering to repair your vehicle on the spot and on the cheap. Here's a few tips to keep in mind to help you make a good decision on where to have your vehicles dent and dings repaired. These tips should aid you in choosing a reputable repair provider.

  1. Always use a company with a verifiable address
  2. Never have work performed without an estimate or work order
  3. If approached by a mobile operation, immediatley write down the name of the person approaching you and and tag number of the service vehicle (useful for police)
  4. Call the phone number and verify that the individual you are speaking with is an actual employee of the company they are representing
  5. Use your good judgement. If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is
  6. If referred to a website by the individual, call any phone number listed and verify their identity

Paintless Dent Repair isn't a new process. PDR has long been a closely-guarded dealer secret, a tool they have used to rejuvenate used cars and trade-ins at little expense for big gains in resale value. However as a direct-to-consumer offering, PDR is a phenomenon that has taken the retail auto body repair industry by storm. The benefits to car owners, auto insurance companies and the environment are quickly being realized.

It used to be that when your vehicle was damaged by a rogue shopping cart or a pulled golf shot (fore left!), you only had two options. Either pay an auto body shop to grind, sand, and paint your damaged panel or just try to live with it. Paintless dent repair is the only cost effective and time saving way to have your vehicle restored to pre-damaged condition while restoring your vehicles value and appearance. Repair cost in the hundreds can be reduced to as little as $75.00 for a small door dent.

Paintless dent repair is also helping the environment. Every year, millions of body panels are being repaired by the paintless method instead of repainting them. The paintless process contributes to the reduction of harmful vapors and paint waste being introduced into the environment.

Insurance Companies world wide have embraced paintless dent repair as the prefered method of repairing damage caused by hail storms.The paintless process has reduced the cost and time associated with these types of repairs, which saves the insurance industry billions. Paintless dent repair also restores your vehicles value unlike traditional auto body repair which lowers the value of your vehicle.

You have the right to choose where you vehicle is repaired. If your insurance company steers you to one of there "preferred" facilities it my not be a shop that is consistently producing the best repairs. It's a good idea to contact the Better Business Bureau or get referrals from friends.

If your car needs PDR services, call the experts at Nationwide Dent Repair. Experience matters. When you visit, we'll show you how PDR works and how we access hard to reach areas to make the repair. The best method is to pull the dent from the outside or push the dent from behind using access gained through existing panel openings (head/tail lights, door locks, window slots) rather than drilling "holes of convenience" to get at the damage from beneath the panel in hard to reach areas. Nationwide Dent Repair proudly practices our trade with extreme prejudice for shortcut methods, a pledge only made possible by the thousands of hours of direct, hands-on experience of our PDR technicians.

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